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About Tri-State Creations


Tri-State Creations is a well-established and well recognized construction finance brokerage firm. It provides a wide range of new construction and renovation services as well as the flexible financing packages to fit within your budget. Our team of professionally qualified financial advisors are:


  •          Experts at understanding your individual needs and objectives, and can work out a suitable solution for you


  •          Experts at methodically analyzing your financial situation, before they undertake a review of your finances


  •          Required to continuously study economic trends and continuing education


  •          Fully conversant with all the changing credit policies and guidelines of the various lenders/credit providers


  •          Committed to providing you with the best financial service and construction solutions.





Our team of finance brokers and support staff are all professionally qualified who pride themselves as being unique in the finance industry, in the fact that:


  • They have over 100 years of combined experience of working within the finance industry


  • They have considerable knowledge and experience in their respective fields


  • Their diverse age bracket (i.e. a good mixture of younger and mature aged persons) benefits Tri-State Creations when analyzing the needs and requirements of our clients.


My vision as the CEO is to make it easy for you to do business with Tri-State Creations, by getting it right the first time and every other time you do business with us.


Josh Schneider


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