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The bathroom is said to be one of the most important considerations to buyers during sale.

Our broad range of licensed expertise, provides our clients with the professionalism and dependability they deserve. With Tri-State Creations, you won't have to deal with contractors from various companies to satisfy your remodeling needs. We are qualified to handle it all!


We perform all aspects of bathroom renovation including plumbing, electrical and lighting. Whatever the scale of your bathroom renovation, we can assist you in creating the bathroom you most desire. We know what materials and techniques to use to make your bathroom last for a very long time. Your ideas

combined with our innovative remodeling plans will get you a bathroom that makes you want to stay those few extra minutes in the shower, just enjoying the atmosphere.

Considering a bathroom remodel?

As one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, a bathroom can make or break a deal when buying or selling a home. Homeowners are looking for rooms that don't require a lot of work, which is why a bathroom renovation can make the biggest impact on your resell value. As you get ready to remodel, think about what works for your family, as well as what other homeowners might look for. Today, double bathroom sinks and walk-in showers are popular, while oversized bathtubs and bathroom storage are also frequently sought after. Determine what you have space for, what materials are worth using, and then find a way to add much-needed storage for beauty supplies and extra towels.


As the premier bathroom repair and remodeling provider in the Tri-State area, our team at Tri-State Creations is proud to serve you. From the first moment you call, to the repairs or renovations, we can help you through all phases of bathroom remodeling.


Tri-State Creations has set a new standard for both quality and affordability within the bathroom repair and remodeling industry. We provide a wide selection of options to fit your remodeling needs and desires. With Tri-State, you can have the beautiful and accommodating bathroom of your dreams! 


We specialize in all aspects of bathroom renovation, including: designing, building and remodeling. With over 30 years of experience in Los Angeles bathroom remodeling, it is our mission to help homeowners improve their quality of living by offering the latest and greatest in bathroom remodeling. Our technicians are state licensed and can provide bathroom repairs or remodeling for both new homes and established homes. 





Not exactly sure what look and feel you would like for your new bathroom? No problem! Have a look at our Ideas and Designs page to get some thoughts on how you want your bathroom to look. Feel free to give us a call and we will gladly guide you through a variety of conceivable designs to match your tastes.


At Tri-State Creations, we are committed to providing you with top quality services at reasonable prices. So if you are thinking of remodeling or sprucing up that old bathroom, or you just need a few repairs, call our bathroom remodeling team today.

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