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We’re easier to work with than a bank, and personally dedicated to our clients’ success. 


  • Efficient communication and processing. With no management committees to whom we answer, Tri-State Creations can be a quick and certain source of renovation funding.


  • No money down. That means more money in your pocket.


  • More funding provided. Tri-State Creations lending partners can offer higher loan amounts than traditional lenders.


  • Unsecured Loans. Our interest lies in our investors' experience -- and supplementing it when necessary to ensure smooth project turnaround.​

We make financing easy



Tri-State Creations understands it can be a daunting process to know where, when and how to start seeking Residential Finance. Our professionally qualified and expert finance people will eliminate the stress, and they will find you the perfect residential finance solution package and at the right price.

Our team of finance people are in daily contact with numerous lenders, credit providers and private investors. So, whatever your requirements are, our team of expert finance brokers will help you obtain the financing for your home remodeling project.


Tri-State Creations helps provide financing for renovating and developing single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use properties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Clients prefer using our services to finance their residential real estate projects because Tri-State Creations has the vision to recognize opportunities and develop strategies for our clients’ success. We work with several of our specialty home improvement lending partners to ensure you receive the best financing rate possible. Years of experience have taught our lending partners to see value in projects that banks fail to see. Our extensive industry knowledge and creativity help us create a total financing and project completion plan for our clients that can maximize their return on investment.





If you are interested in any residential renovation project, Tri-State Creations can prove to be not just a service company, but a partner in your dream home goals. To begin our application process, please submit a preliminary application. If you're unsure whether our platform is the right fit for your project(s), contact our team with any inquiries.

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