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Replacement Bathtub: 

Instead of spending time in a bathtub that is just too small or is old and battered, let Tri-State Creations set you up with a brand new, more functional bathtub.

Tub to shower conversion: 

Does your bathtub just sit there, unused? Maybe you're more of a shower

person and want to create more space for the ideal walk-in shower. Let us help by converting your once neglected bathtub into a larger, more utilized shower space!

Sink Replacement: 

Nothing looks worse than an old sink in a nicely remodeled bathroom. Don't neglect your sink and include it in on your list of things to change.

Counter-tops and Cabinetry: 

Choosing the right counter top or cabinetry style for your bathroom remodelcan be one of the hardest decisions. Take your time in deciding what may be best for your tastes.


Designs and Ideas


So maybe you are looking for a more spacious bathroom? Or maybe you just can't stand the style of the cabinets? Perhaps there isn't enough cabinet space to begin with? Whatever your bathroom remodel needs and desires may be, there is a wide selection of ideas and styles to choose from. Whether you are looking to add space or increase functionality, Tri-State Creations is skilled to handle your renovation needs.

Other ideas:

Walk-in Tub: Maybe you have a bad back, or a family member does; if getting into the bathtub is a challenge, then check out one of our premier walk-in tub designs!


Shower Replacement: Tired of looking at grimy walls or battered shower heads? We can spruce up that old shower by replacing it with a more modern, appealing shower area.


Wall Surrounds: Want to add style and appeal to your bathtub or shower walls? We can help you pick the best design to top off that perfect bathroom.


Shower Rods or Shower Doors: Shower rods or doors are the perfect accessory to a newly remodeled bathroom. We can help you choose what will look best.


Tile and Grout: Can't stand that old linoleum or busted up tile? We can change up your flooring to get the effect you really want.


Lighting Fixtures: Descent lighting is a necessity in a bathroom. Replace your old lighting with something new to top off you bathroom remodel. We can help you to settle on the perfect style.


Faucets and Shower Heads: These will make your bathroom remodel complete. From modern to rustic the designs are plenty.


Wall Colors and Designs: This can be one of the most exciting aspects of your bathroom remodel: choosing the color theme! Ask our experts for their opinion if you are unsure which color is right for you!

Deciding on your remodeling needs can be overwhelming. Don't take away from the fun of finally getting the bathroom of your dreams. Trust our staff at Tri-State Creations to guide you through the remodeling and renovation process. From design concept to project completion, our staff will ensure that you receive the remodel that you truly desire. We are guaranteed to impress you with our superior craftsmanship in bathroom remodeling. Call today if you have questions or concerns about designs and ideas.

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