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We are proud to offer BILCO products


The BILCO Company has served the building industry since 1926. During these years it has built a reputation among architects, engineers, and the construction trades for dependability and for products that are unequaled in design and workmanship. 


BILCO products are designed and fabricated to consistently high quality standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Most incorporate innovative features for which numerous U.S. and International patents have been issued.

BILCO Classic Series Basement Doors

Steel Sided

  • Patented gas spring lift assistance for improved operation

  • New primer finish with superior adhesion and finish coat flexibility

  • Slide bolt locking mechanism ( optional keyed lock kit available)

  • Flanged construction a J-channel header shed water and prevent binding due to ice and snow, permitting all-season use.

Sloped Wall

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • New primer finish with superior adhesion and finish coat flexibility

  • Corrosion-resistant zinc-plated, chromate-sealed hardware

  • List assistance provides easy, one-handed operation

  • Slide bolt locking mechanism (optional keyed lock kit available)

  • Versatile frame design and optional foundation plates and extension panels allow the door to accomodate virtually any areaway 

Ultra Series

  • Corrosion-resistant high-density, polyethylene construction

  • Simulated wood design

  • Pleasing driftwood color

  • Will not rust and never needs painting

  • Interchangable side panel inserts allow homeowners to add light and/or ventilation to their basement areaway

  • Motion dampers provided for safe and controlled door operation

  • Side bolt locking mechanism

BILCO Window Wells

ScapeWEL Window Well System

  • Step design aids emergency egress and can be landscaped with plants or flowers for added visual enhancement

  • High-density ployethylene molded construction will never rust, rot or change color and is UV-stabilized for long life

  • Attractive driftwood color complements basement interior and blends with any architecture

  • Easily cleaned with standard household cleaners

  • Available in a number of sizes to accomodate virtually any foundation height

stakWEL Modular Window Well System

  • Modular system provides corrosion resistant performance at "steel-like" prices.

  • High-density polyethylene molded construction will never rust, rot or change color and is UV-stabilized for long life

  • Unique "Grip/Step" design features convenient handle and gusseted step to meet emergency egress requirements

  • Neutral driftwood color and pebbled interior finish will complement the interior of any home

  • Overlapping ribs and tabbed inserts lock modules together to form a cohesive assembly

  • Modular system can be used on foundations of ten foot and greater in depth

Call Tri-State Creations today for more information on BILCO products.

PermEntry Basement Entrance

Consisting of a precast concrete stairwell and a Bilco basement door, PermEntry is the fastest and most economical way to add convenient, direct basement access to any home. PermEntry is ideal for new home construction and can be delivered and installed by a Bilco PermEntry dealer in just a few hours.

Plan for it on New Homes

The PermEntry Basement Entrance adds sales appeal and value by giving homeowners access directly from the basement to the outdoors. When you plan for a PermEntry Basement Entrance, you open up your basement to a number of opporunities, including:

  • External basement exit in case of emergency

  • Access to mechanical equipment during construction, reducing traffic and damage to the main level of the home

  • Ability to move large furniture, bulky appliances and patio furniture through the basement

  • Additional quality selling features your customers will recognize and appreciate

  • A basement as convenient and easy to use as other rooms in the home

Add it to an Existing Home

Homeowners and remodeling contractors can add the convenience of direct basement access by following these simple steps:

  • Contact Tri-State Creations to determine if your home is suitable for a PermEntry installation

  • Stake off the area to be excavated. Call local utility companies to verify power and and utility line locations

  • Hire an excavating or landscaping constractor to dig the opening for the precast stairwell

  • Contact a contractor to saw cut an opening in your foundation wall. 

  • Ask Tri-State Creations for help on determining the proper size of your areaway and to set up delivery and installation

  • Once the entrance has been installed, back-fill and landscape the area around the new basement entrance

Please call Tri-State Creations for these and other great BILCO products. We're looking forward to your call.

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