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We provide full-service kitchen construction and remodeling services for residential clients in the Tri-State Area. At Tri-State Creations we understand that a beautiful kitchen can gather families and enhance the overall feel of your home. That is why we strive to meet and exceed the goals of our clients.

Kitchens are the key to a homeowner's heart.

When constructing a new kitchen planning is a critical step. Everything that is done, like choosing your kitchen or bath cabinets, should rely on careful and well thought-out design. This step is the least costly and at the same time – most important in having a quality project. One can think of the planning stage as the foundation which everything else is built upon. If planning is done poorly or not at all the result can be unexpected contingencies & expensive changes which will cause a poorer, more costly and lengthier job. However, if the foundation is strong the project can run smoothly and efficiently giving the customer a better product at lower costs.

The backbone to our success for over 40 years is our commitment to top quality in every step including design, fabrication and installation. Experience customer service the way it should be. We do it all for you.

Our mission is to give you superior service with first quality materials and excellent craftsmanship... at the best price.

Remodeling is a big project and needs to be properly planned with lots of care. Managing plays an important role in the way a kitchen or bath is completed. Our project operation managers control all of the subcontractors, engineers, and in-house purchasing, giving Tri-State Creations total control on every job. Having everything in-house also makes problem solving more efficient. We can solve any issue from the source quickly, making jobs run smooth from start to finish.


If you'd like your kitchen designed well, contructed on time and within budget then you should call one of our design experts today.

Book Us: 888-990-8886​​
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